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 Save up to 90% by using Internet Phone service. Take the advantage of the free features. The service works where ever the broadband Internet connection is available (Worldwide) so you can keep the same phone number if you move to another location. Half the taxes of traditional phone companies. Take a look a the cheap internet phone providers below. VoIP providers change frequently, click on their link to see their most current offer, we have the cheapest VoIP rates.

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Phonepower Internet Phone

Cheap Internet Phone Service by Phonepower -  residential internet phone service starting as low as $8.33. Small business and PBX also offered! Best Internet Phone Service plan price.

"PhonePower" Cheap Internet Phone Service - Unlimited calls for only $14.95/ or pay yearly for as low as $99.95 a year(current Special). Super low international rates! home phone service for a guaranteed price of only $129.95 for your first year of service! With you will not only get FREE calling to the U.S. and Canada but you will also enjoy FREE features like our Second Cloned Line, Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling and VoiceMail. Best service for Price & Quality!



Lingo go talk - Internet Phone



LIngo go talk - Internet Phone Service - It's hard to say no to phone services starting from $21.99/month ($49.99 business plans)! Great international rates! Break free from your overpriced phone company. Get unlimited local and long-distance calling across the US and to 45 countries for one low rate with the World Unlimited Plan!


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