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Jan, 30 2012

Finding cheap telephone service is easier today with internet phone service and competitive cell phone plans.

 Cheap-online is a telecom services comparison site. We offer you the best deals on cheap telephone service, home internet service and Satellite TV. We are recognized by our customers, consumers, and businesses as the premier site for buying VoIP, cellular and conference calling services. This is the place where consumers and Telecom vendors come together to share ideas as well as buy and sell telecom products and services. We have the latest technology using IP, VOIP, T1, DSL & Satellite Broadband, or just plain old local telephone service or cheap dial up internet you are in the right place.

 As our site comes together, we will provide side by side price and service comparisons on all  popular long distance phone service & local phone service providers. Additionally, we will do the same with broadband phone service providers and cellular - wireless plans. We will find you the best cheap phone service! New this month! Cheap natural gas and electric rates. We are adding gas & electric utility rate comparisons. If you live in a deregulated state, we will have a list of competitive gas and electric rates available in your area.

 Sorry we are changing our site right now, all services and telecom comparison pages are still active!  Click on a provider picture above, search our site below, or take a look at our most most popular cheap telephone & telecom services  below. We will be back soon with the cheapest most reliable telecom providers & rates in the industry. We can show you were to find cheap home phone service and the lowest priced cellular. Enjoy our site!

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Nov 09, 2010

 The welcome news is that the increased cellular industry competition has brought cell phone plans down. The bad news is that cell phone plan deals appear to have hit bottom and may be rising. The average monthly bill,  was about $45, up from $40 a year earlier. More bad news: there is a jumble of purchase plans available, and it's easy to get locked into a cell phone contract that costs you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary expenses. So, take a look at some cheap cell phone service plans and read the fine print. New article on mobile broadband and a new article on mobile phones for U.K. users. Check back for more articles on the telecom industry.

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